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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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an r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. machine on the. international community and such a no fly zone is in place but here in tripoli we continue to have a pool of civilians injured and killed the need want to see it from the capital city in just a few moments formal. also tonight turkish television says nato will take over the coalition's military operation in libya turkey had been hesitating over whether to support in violence in the wrong. lost in translation weeks of the mass unrest in egypt led to regime change the signs of disenchantment the outcome of the revolution. plus police crackdown on demonstrators in brussels with tear
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gas and water cannons the protesters say western countries should not be imposing cuts to the home while spending millions on the libya campaign. and the first images of the workers struggling to stabilize the situation in japan's fukushima power plant the much of the reports of three more have been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. leaving from moscow it's ten pm here now this is the arctic international news channel my name is kevin owen and first turkish television has quoted the country's foreign minister as saying that nato will take command of the operation in libya this comes as coalition forces have launched air strikes on the country for almost a week now with explosions and gunfire shaking tripoli and other libyan cities.
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fighting between colonel gadhafi troops and the opposition is intensifying in the west of the country. tripoli. what are you noticing more and more is that the main support this operation in libya remains in the balance it's literally hanging in the balance because on the international front we are seeing that coalition forces are now so not to be agreeing in terms of how to move forward one of the towns that the coalition gets according to him was the town of misrata and they insisting that they've managed to stem the government schools advancement there but we are hearing conflicting reports some of those reports suggesting that for days now the town has been unable to have access to water fuel and because the t.v. executives the soldiers are literally going from house to house that they've hit the local hospital you know in tripoli in the early hours of this morning and for several hours off the words there were large explosions it was all said and he inquired gunfire exploding in the sky so tripoli again coming under intense fire overnight now the coalition has insisted that the airstrikes have been successful
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if there's a gadhafi it capability has been completely wiped out he is denying this he says that he has a capability to continue for some time to come the rebels themselves are now starting to find themselves in an incredibly difficult position they are calling on the international community for some kind of freak him to strike as they try to advance forward the stalemate on the ground is that the rebels do not have the weaponry they do not have the rank and command structure they simply do not have the experience to take on gadhafi soldiers but those soldiers in turn do not have the numbers so you have this situation on the ground where neither group is able to actually move forward and advance already now for three straight days nature leaders have been easing to try and decide who can actually move forward we can take control of this operation over libya and today this city need for a fourth day and it seems to be no dream into sight turkey is one of those countries that is most critical the sticking point is essentially the killing of civilians and taking insisting that they can be no civilians killed is. such an
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operation but of course the other european powers are saying that they needs to be and inevitably there will be some kind of level of damage that of course they try not to injure civilians the civilians will always get caught in the crossfire he and donna administration is been caught red faced because for days now we've heard the american president insists that america's handing over control of this operation to nato countries and he keeps saying that this is going to happen soon the thirty in terms of the cracks missing on the international find it doesn't seem as if it's going to happen anytime soon here on the ground the rebel groups themselves are divided in terms of how they want to forward and even now here in the capital city of tripoli which is traditionally the stronghold of moammar gadhafi we are hearing that eliminate the reports of some of his former supporters so often to meet in secret now from the coalition is trying some from the coalition community we know there for six days of these airstrikes have been happening overnight and into the early hours of this morning we are being told that they hit military bases around the country but
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a different story emerging as always does from the capital city fear we've been told that a number of civilians have been killed and injured so we're going to see for ourselves but we couldn't prove anything because the cuts were closed and the result of these parts are fake possibly the bodies of soldiers killed or even bodies washing from other cities and heavy fighting on the ground this is a questionable for fifty six people who we've been told a civilian staff were killed a conclusion a strides that the crowd which is in full five thousand people is incredibly angry effectuate between chris and he's put in a scenario that because mr cozy to go down as you to go downtown apartment things like to meet national community for what a state like illegal actions the family has gathered here they will take office two family cars from way that will be married for now friends relatives just ordinary people in the city of tripoli have come to katie last respects the mood is critically angry people here very very frustrated at what they say. just killing
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innocent people here in the latinos in tripoli. is just like you know artie's war correspondent paula spears also keeping us right up to date on our twitter feed in one of the tweets the latest one she says that the rumors going around tripoli at the moment that colonel gadhafi might be planning to escape or even commit suicide but a figure on the polls they keep up with the latest in our city under school calm for the latest on the ground in libya. but more about it now we're joined live from california by ben cohen founder of the independent bloggers network band media group mr cohen evening to you frankly with r.t. i'm just picking up on the news we're hearing in the last hour that turkey it seems is now happy for nato to take over command of the libyan operation because one of the countries that concerns had been the civilian casualties from the air strikes how do you think the anchor is being won over there if indeed that is as it appears to be the case yes
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i think. contradict you say that i grew. up sorry given all that serco that we were so i'm probably just just repeating it in the last hour we hear the turkey's giving the thumbs up it was dragging its heels over letting nato take i just really wanted your thoughts what do you think swung it in the end if this news is true it seems to be what you think one third around nato's cause in the end. i'm not sure but i think it's kind of it is an interesting development that turkey's now i'm bored with this because i think they probably believe that there's enough perhaps there's enough support. within the middle east to do this to have this operation to get rid of gadhafi. government is has been fairly. it tricky cost now when it comes to dealing with the west so it's an interesting
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development i'd like couldn't and i wouldn't like to. make any kind of predict what is going on for disloyal and if so if it is no nato led if this does go ahead how do you think that's going to impact the situation any thoughts on that. if it's nato led i think it is better for america that's for sure because. obama obama has placed a lot of it has a lot of his credibility on the line here in leading this this war effort and the sooner he can get his his hands off of it the better it is a potentially politically very explosive situation so i think having over to nato for him it nice is a better idea and also the idea the notion of an american led in for another american led invasion of a middle eastern country is not going to play well in the arab world we're hearing the fighting between pro good nothing forces and rebels is intensifying do you
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think the intervention is helping the country will simply make another worse. that remains to be seen. intervening in civil wars is a very very tricky business as we've seen all over the world it's recent through history vietnam you know you've got civil war in iraq you have. warring factions in afghanistan knowing who to back and went about them it's extremely difficult and i don't think the allies have really thought this through very well it's been a very rash decision to go to war and. potentially this could be a very very nasty and not a quagmire we sleepwalk our way into what you think the end game of this operation is going to be and where you see it going. that's a good question and what's the endgame i don't think anybody really knows what the end game is i don't think obama understands what the end game is i don't think it's a card suppose he knows what the end game is. again we have we're bombing another
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arab country. for reasons we don't really understand. gadhafi is now apparently a bad guy he was good he was a bad guy then a good guy now again he's a bad guy according to the media. so what the endgame is is anybody's guess and and i mean it's doesn't look good if we're going to stay but you know we're pouring millions and millions of dollars into this potentially with no end in sight so it's a good question and i wish i knew the odds and all i know you'll be watching carefully and blogging about it as well ben cohen thanks for coming on the program founder of the independent bloggers network media thank you. well as the crisis in libya unfolds the revolutionary euphoria in egypt meantime is substance is subsiding but many fear the return of the old guard in question whether the new leaders will bring about the changes they fought for i think he got his going off as the latest from cairo. several weeks have passed since the revolt but it seems
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the wheels of the old political machine are still turning we start now our usual vision didn't finish here we need to change there we will be able. to separate ourselves. can do that and would be. used to be an anchor on egypt's national state run media she claims even though president mubarak has already stepped down the media is still being million people in the main command is to. me around all those who are around including the heart and i would pick this up but they feed me and they came in late january several hundred thousand people took to the streets of cairo demanding president mubarak step down after several weeks of violence the president he's right according to the united nations around three hundred people lost their lives during the unrest
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thousands of others were injured. since then the interim government has held a nationwide referendum set free elections to be held before the end of the year but many activists say it's too soon for the newly emerged political movements to gain enough momentum before they built the elections coming very soon nobody is prepared. and for a lot of the leftists and a lot of the of the political activists they're thinking that maybe this was the staged as a way to green power the n.d.p. alongside the president for the last three decades the national democratic party was the ruling authority in the country and mean if you're with state media still under its control it may gain enough force to come back to power. even though the phrases the recent violence are so obvious life on the city streets seems to be returning to normal here on the square most of the shops every open and heavy
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traffic. as a return to what the political situation in the country is still far from healthy sure thousands mobilize to get rid of the authorities but whether the mewling emerging powers will be able to get their act together in time for the election and what direction it will be. is still a big question even for the revolutionaries themselves you've got to split off r.t. cairo coming up in just a few minutes new hopes for peace. benjamin netanyahu has asked for russia's help in putting out the metaphorical fires ravaging north africa and middle east regions are the details coming up. but before that another developing news story tonight one of this year's most talked about business deals between all giants b.p. and ross neff has come up against a major stumbling block tonight the plan shares swap and joint arctic exploration venture as with next fun arbitration called in stockholm the case against the deal
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was sparked by a russian shareholders of tea and paid be paid the existing partners of the british oil company in russia they say b.p. was legally bound to offer then the deal to a partner elsewhere around the ambitious plan to explore the arctic child was announced back in january b.p. says it will look for opportunities to pursue the deal despite the court's ruling tonight more on this new story this even watch our business bulletin just a bit later on this five minutes. police and protesters have clashed in brussels as european union leaders gather there for a fresh attempt to address the eve's year long crisis summit looks set for some tension too over a possible bailout for troubled portugal and the military intervention in libya is done a bushel has the latest from the belgian capital. water cannon and pepper spray being used against protesters and police actually banned man barricades to ban protesters getting into the building where i am now because the building houses the european
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parliament and the european council really the key to buildings but they were allowed about for to meters away a stone's throw away if you like that's exactly what happened demonstrators threw stones portals any other sharp objects that came their way to try and hit the building people are furious at the double standards the big story that you know e.u. cracks down on demonstrators in the hall to the very center of europe but when libya's leader colonel gadhafi cracks down on the demonstrators there the e.u. chooses to bomb the e.u. leaders were not there for the morning they have arrived in the afternoon and police have actually pushed the protesters away further away now so the e.u. leaders don't see see the protests as they are happening the e.u. is expected to pass an even stricter unprecedented level of powers for itself to allow it to impose. measures on countries which it sees as overspending portugal's
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prime minister has resigned yesterday as a result of his palm and refusing austerity measures which gives you a sense that the public does not support these austerity measures protesters speaking to today told me that you know their wages are being cut friends and family are being laid off and this is not what they signed up to trade union leaders say that europe social model is something that they want to keep the generous pension system the good working conditions and they see this as a step back for europe as a whole. situation in the middle east is not heading in a positive direction so said the retreatment votive after a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu here in moscow russia is hoping to help get the israeli palestinian peace negotiations back on track the talks have been stalled since september when israel refused to extend a freeze on settlement construction in the west bank artie's katrina zone over as
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the latest from moscow. the current unrest sweeping the north north african and middle east regions were definitely topping the agenda of talks between vacuuming netanyahu the israeli prime minister and the russian president making a visit here in moscow both men agreeing that efforts need to be stepped up in order to control the destabilization and perhaps resume peace negotiations in the middle east conflict between israel and the palestinian national authority agreed in advance of saying that tiptronic changes are currently underway which could lead to severe just revelation of the region as a whole and could prove seriously detrimental to the continuation of the middle east peace negotiations they made notes on the outlook his sense said that while she has a lot of experience in putting out these metaphorical fires there are currently ravaging north africa and the mideast and asked for russia's help in putting those fires out mentioning of course to the great existence of terrorist threats that
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could also prove that ferment told to continuing negotiations peace negotiations which have been stalled since september russia is of course a part of the middle east quartet which also strives to mediate and monitor the negotiations between israel and palestine but russia also wants to step up its role as a moderator in these negotiations hoping to jumpstart that of the peace process the situation of course in israel is ted's not only with the ongoing conflicts in countries such as egypt of tunisia libya no other no i said north african states but also with the ongoing threat of terrorism in israel itself yesterday terrorist attack took place in jerusalem the first in a number of years there were casualties on the ground so the situation in israel is very tense right now which is perhaps why women netanyahu is in moscow hoping to get assistance from russia russia of course very willing to step up. place and act
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as a mediator in the negotiations. bring you up to speed now on the latest from japan today there are three more workers been exposed to harmful levels of radiation while collecting electricity at the fukushima nuclear power plant it's raising the question if the people working to make the facility safe are heroes or victims. reports next from japan. after being forced off the side of my block but then she radioactive smoke coming from one of the reactors the day the engineers have been able to return to the site they're focusing on reactor number three thus the one that was emitting to smoke it's also one of the operates on plutonium which is particularly dangerous in case of any potential contamination those initially a wave of optimism over the weekend as more and more reactors were connected up to electricity it was assumed that once this is done the cooling systems will be restarted a lot of the attention has been focused on the so-called nuclear summer right the
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workers themselves helping to restore the station to a normal state on the one hand they see by the media as heroes people still risking their own lives and doing everything to save japan from nuclear disaster but they're not seen as victims a lot of these people are not professionally trained workers and as we know from what happened in chernobyl a lot of these workers have a tendency to suffer cancers and for years and years afterwards just today we received news of a couple rules could be fossilized for receiving to fight the basij this is a story that will be developing over the next weeks and even then months and years the radiation fallout from the accident keeps spreading because of levels of radioactive iodine being exceeded by more than one hundred times around the area and it's reached as far as tokyo despite the fact that the government told people stay stay calm they swept all mineral water off the shelves here other countries
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are also taking what they're saying are precautionary measures to prevent the radiation spreading abroad several countries had already banned the import of medical bills and fruit growing around the fukushima area we got the first estimates of the damage and actually my top three hundred billion dollars have the most expensive natural calamity in history. of our correspondent bringing out today then a tragedy in japan. it extensively covered the news around the world and next my skies were stacy herbert exposed a hidden agenda behind some of the coverage of the latest edition of the kaiser report. max keiser i brought you a present where you go for we're. what is that well i'm calling it the c herb ritts sunshine in a can it's a little bit of plutonium weeks of uranium because according to this headline max a glowing report on radiation he has apparently radiation is good for you. so this
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is ann coulter she wrote on her blog regarding japan the good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer you know there's a yellow journalism taken to you know radioactive extremists radioactive journalism murdoch fox news and called their girl a riley here who package dangerous lives and put that into the public space hoping to protect the industrialists that they represent in their quest to dismantle the global economy and cause. problems what will the new stories improve syrian leaders have pledged to look at this week the state of emergency has been in place in the country since nine hundred sixty three they also promised political reforms and a diverse to go shouldn't of this week's deaths of twenty five demonstrators it
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comes after a particularly violent few days of protests the recent uprisings of the biggest to come from seeds since the nine hundred seventy s. . a suicide car bomb a police station in northwestern pakistan has left five people dead and at least twenty five others wounded officers say they tried to stop a car for a check with the driver sped through the gates and rammed the vehicle into a building it is the second attack on police in the area in just two days. and civility the troubled region is home to a growing taliban influence. twenty three minutes past ten at night moscow time and news tonight that moscow will host the twenty eleven world figure skating championships instead of tsunami hit japan but decision was announced earlier eunice got more details on that in twenty minutes and the other big breaking news tonight in the world of business you see it with the latest on that next. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the newsmakers on our team.
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in sum this is bergdahl g.'s of a little in hotels a story and a little ambassador really sounds good to kyoto atripla so tell the truth still toto told you gold you never told him to elvis you still dostoevsky left you in a sea of this column if you visit. this is business r.c. hello and welcome to the program the exploration deal learn to ask that song between all majors b.p. and ross snapped has been blocked by an arbitration court in stockholm the case was brought by a.r. the russian shareholders of ten k. b.p.
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and the existing farmers of the british oil company in russia they are all complained that b.p. has a range mint with lawsuits signed in january this year started at a competitive a disadvantage speaking to business i'll see just a few minutes ago the chief executive of a a r explained that the russian shareholders think dictated by the decision and that b.p. had much want to do to repair hates reputation. for tribunal with very clear. b.p. with breach and which are all that agreement. if they're not pretty would complete the transaction through all of the. actual quote significant deterioration in the relationship. and they aren't going to be. playing a lot of time rebuilding the trust. partner . and all who have been are building its reputation.
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for its part b.b.c. remains committed to its partnership with russia the company says it will apply to the arbitration court for a decision on whether the you share sort with ross never can go ahead in its own without the arctic exploration deal b.p. adds that it want to find a way to resolve its differences with the russian partners so the development of the russian arctic can go ahead in the future. let's take a look at how the markets are performing this hour in the you as both the dow jones and the nasdaq trading in the blind this hour encouraging corporate reports where is the market and investors appear to be intrigued by the deepening political crisis in portugal european stocks closed in the blood on thursday with germany's dax gaining almost strip of sand behaves in europe followed a strong session of the most asian markets under by far the more optimistic the award japan's rebuilding will to the global economy. out here russia markets
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extended gains made during the week both the r.t.s. and the my six close around a percent and a half of our thursday with commodity stocks taking the lead. let's take a look at the individual market move it is after vies edged higher after the russian government decided to extend the cash for clunkers program till the end of the get russia second largest oil producer luc was also up more than a percent as the sun that was supplied from libya could remain disrupted and people all that soon week highs in the trans am floored traded low news has sold its subsidiary airlines and nord are here to mining giant norilsk nickel for high from try the dialogue sums up the sentiment on the market for. the. markets actually. fueled the market is known as the gold zero three zero middle east and the latest news is portugal words on the other here and they were very strong all processors very stable and i will tell you when the markets united
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states you support the russian markets in general very high still we see some minor floor to mushroom companies. the gold price has set a new record high one thousand four hundred forty seven dollars an ounce that's has a deepening political crisis in portugal over its budget added to investor unease about the need their pot meanwhile so the price has also reached a certain year high. that the business world without a baton that's now with more and you can always find all the next sound like that are better.
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wealthy british style. guides the type of. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on our. jump the official ante up like a shot your i phone the i pod touch from the i.q. .


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